Starting with building a penetration testing lab

Currently, I’m looking for informations about how to build an own penetration testing lab. Regarding to my research, I will need to set up a single box with a lot of RAM and then use VMware or VirtualBox to simulate some computers to test with. But setting up a completely dedicated machine for this purpose is currently not in my budget. So I looked what is still available at home. I have an old case in the basement, but the hardware inside is definitely outdated. For example the mainboard cannot work with more than 4 GB RAM. So this is not suitable for the virtual machine purpose.

But I have a relatively modern desktop PC in my flat, which has already 8 GB RAM. It’s not perfect, but I hope it will do the trick to get one or two VMs running on that system. My Kali Linux is a VirtualBox on my notebook, which is running fine there. So, I have my Kali Linux always ready to go and I can start some other boxes on my desktop machine if needed. This should be okay for my first steps. 🙂

new Kali Linux 2.0 release installed

Today I used the bank holiday here in Bavaria for some more exciting topics than my information management course books. 🙂
As you may already know, Offensive Security has released the new Kali Linux 2.0 last week. More information about what has changed and what is new can be found on their blog.

So I set up today a new VirtualBox with the new release. The installation in VirtualBox was quiet easy as in the prior releases and now I can start exploring the new release. I think in the next weeks, depends on how much time I have to play with it, I will write more about Kali 2.0 here.