Download of my Thesis and Presentation

thesis_coverI received the permission to publish my thesis and presentation today from my university. So here you go!
You can now download my thesis with the title “An Analysis of the Tor Network” directly from my server. I hope that this is an interesting read for you. Unfortunately it is in German. The whole title in German is “Eine Analyse des Tor-Netzwerks: Konzept, Funktionsweise und Angriffe”.

Here is my presentation which I used in the colloquium to present my thesis, explain my motivation and showed the key results.

The thesis was rated with grade 1,3.

Update: In case you have any questions regarding this topic or my thesis, just ask and I’ll try to answer it. 🙂

Thesis written, printed and sent

In the last weeks it was a little bit quiet here … again … sorry for that! [I’m always excusing myself, that I don’t get that many posts written as I want to. Maybe I should stop that … 😉 ]

But I can proudly announce that I have finalized my thesis, got it printed and bound and sent it to the university on Saturday.

The print is very nice. It has a dull, black leather hardcover with golden letter imprint. So the cover shows that it is a bachelor thesis, the title and my name. Each corner of the book has a golden metal piece on it, to prevent damages to the corners. For the paper I have chosen 100 g/m. That improves the print and it feels more like high-quality. To order the printing I used the company sedruck, which was able to print the books in great quality and sent it to me in less than 48 hours. That’s simply amazing!

The next step is to prepare the presentation for the colloquium. In two weeks I will discuss with my tutor what is expected and what I should take care about. The date for the colloquium will be in May, so there is enough time for my preparation. And then, hopefully, you can call me Bachelor of Science and I have my first computer science degree!

Three Weeks to go for the Bachelor Thesis

In January I’ve started my bachelor thesis. The first two months are gone now and there are only three weeks left to complete the thesis. Actually there are still four weeks to go until the deadline. But I have to get my thesis printed and to bind it. It also has to be send to the university before the deadline ends.

To complete the thesis I have to write only the last few chapters, the introduction and the summary. So this should be definitely doable in three weeks.

I’m so happy that the bachelor study is nearly over. It took me nearly four years to get through it. But currently I’m also doing plans for the future. I think I will explain this in one of the next blog posts.

Thesis, some Progress and a first good Feedback

Currently I’m writing my bachelor thesis. I have made some progress and I think it could be worse. A first draft was sent to my lecturer and the feedback was not that bad. I expected actually that he will stomp me to the ground. Yes, there are a lot of things to do and to improve, but it was a first draft and was never meant to be something like a final version.

So instead his feedback was very positive and he gave me some hints about the layout and some formal issues. And there are of course some wording issues to be solved, but it’s not a complete disaster and definitely doable. The structure of my thesis is fine as well and that makes me really happy. In the last days I was very uncertain about my structure and my approach on the topic.

The hardest part at the moment is to keep writing. When I read some pages in a book or paper I’m often very tired and like to stop working. But reading is not helping me when I have to write 40 to 60 pages of relevant content. So I keep forcing me to write at least a little bit every day, to get some progress. Furthermore “you can not edit a blank page”; if I just read and think about the topic I will get some serious problems at the end because of the lack of time and will never get this work done.

This blog post is also distracting me, but hopefully in I positive way. I’m now motivated again to continue writing the next chapter. Have a nice night all, my will be behind the screen and books, getting some more chapters done!

How to start a bachelor thesis?

There is a good and a bad news. The good news: My application for the bachelor thesis got approved just 2 days before christmas by my university. Which is great. Also my topic for the thesis is accepted, so I don’t have to write a new exposé and agree with my lecturer about a new topic. The bad news: My planned start date is accepted, too. So on January 2nd my working phase starts officially. And I have no idea how to start!

So here we go, Tor network is the topic. In detail: the concept of onion routing, the functionality of Tor, attacks against it and countermeasures.  During the time I created the exposé, I have already checked for scientific papers and so on. But at the moment I see a giant montain of work before me and don’t know really how to start. On one of the thousend websites like “99 advices for your study” I have found the hint, that I should summerize every paper, book, article I’ve read and found useful in a notebook together with all information required for the citation, so I can find the source faster when I write the thesis. I will do this. Hopefully it will also help me with one of my great fears. I fear that I have so many sources and literature that I will lose the overview. I also considered to use software to organize my citations like Citavi, but I think it will take to much time to get used to these tools.

Do you have any idea on how to start the work?

the study is killing me

It is a hard time at the moment. The study is consuming a large part of my free time. At the moment I prepare for the project presentation on saturday. The PowerPoint slides are all done and the agenda is discussed with all project members. So this should be fine.

On saturday is also the oral exam for communication and leadership. The topics are mainly communication between people and moderation. So nothing very difficult, but it is still necessary to learn for this exam. Even if it is not really exciting.

In the meanwhile, I managed to finally discuss the exposé for my bachelor thesis with my supervisor. So I can mark this as done on my check list. This took also some time and was not that easy, because I didn’t need to create any exposés during my study until now. In three to four weeks I will apply with the exposé for the thesis and this should be just a technicality. After some checking by the registrar’s office, I should be accepted and allowed to start my thesis in January 2016.

And finally, because all this is not enough, I prepare for my very last exam, which is up in four weeks. There are four module books to read. The topic is artificial intelligence and the PROLOG programming language. At the moment I’m still stuck at the logical basics. But I hope I can make some progress this week and start with the second module book by Wednesday.

So a lot to do, but there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, because after the presentation, the oral exam and the AI exam there is only the thesis left. And this should keep me motivated for the next weeks!
Today, there isn’t much more to say besides this little status report. But I hope I’m able to write more about some infosec stuff in the near future!