Back to University – Getting started

As I wrote some weeks ago, I just started with the Master’s course at the Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Science. The start was a little bit frustrating.

At first, I have only received the study letters for the first three months. This means that I haven’t got any module completely. The university recommends learning all modules in parallel, but during my Bachelor’s study I found it more helpful to study one module at a time. Or only two modules at the same time if it is necessary. I can understand the viewpoint of the university. The first month is free for testing, so you can cancel at any time and they won’t send you too much material because of that. However, I’ve discussed with the study support that I would like to keep the study and get the next package (months four to six). After getting always different answers to the same question, the conclusion is that you have to wait some more weeks to get the missing study letters for the first semester. In the meantime I have now received all study letters to complete the first modules. Wohoo!

So I’m now ready to start and in fact I’m already working on my first graded submitted exercise. My plan is to do the first exams in the beginning of 2017. Hopefully this is realistic. 🙂