Today I want to talk about something new that will happen here. In the last years the focus in my blog was on my study and some security and general IT topics. After several years of blogging, I will change the scope of my blog a little bit. Due to my changed interests, the progress in my study and my upcoming job change I will focus more on web development and security as well in the future.

My plan is to go deeper in development and system design topics related to web apps and security aspects. Hopefully I can share even some of my projects and provide some code examples if relevant. The architecture aspects of web apps will also be part of my future activities. This looks at first like a lot of topics, but because of the limitation to web apps, it should be narrowed enough.

Hopefully you will like the changes and the new content coming up. If you want to get in touch, just leave a comment or send me an email. I appreciate your oppinion and comments so please tell me what you are thinking about the changes. 🙂