Exam Report for Distributed Information Processing

On that saturday, that I mentioned in my previous post, I had a second exam which was Distributed Information Processing. I found that exam much more difficult than the Information Management exam.

Here are the topics, as far as I can recall them:
– some check question, you have to check if the statement about processes, threads and networks is correct or not
– explain, why the IP adress is not part of the TCP header
– explain why time synchronization is important for computer networks
– explain how digital signatures work and how the receiver knows that the signature is valid
– explain when to use threads and when to use sub-processes

In my opinion the exam was not that easy and not all topics where part of the study material. At least not in that depth. I hope the exam is passed, no matter which grade. 🙂

Preparation for next exams

Unfortunately it has become a little bit quiet here. That’s because I’m currently in the preparation for the next two exams. Both have a lot of stuff that needs to be learned. However, I’m also a little bit lucky, because both modules share the topic “networking”.

Mostly the exam for “Information Management” is worrying me. Here are so many different topics mixed together, so it’s quite hard to learn for this exam. At first it’s about information management and information systems in general from a economics point of view. Then it starts with some basics about telephone networks and computer network. At next I will read more about mobile communication and mobile networks. The last topic will be Telecommuting. So I hope that I have already learned the biggest part for this special exam.