Three weeks until next two exams

I’ve three weeks to learn for the next two exam on the first weekend of December. I think I’m a little bit behind my plan, but I have to keep the pace to get this study done somehow. And actually I should keep focusing on this stuff and not on other things. One of my non-IT hobbies is war gaming and I’ve spent some time in the last days to build and paint some miniatures for these war games. However, it gave me some motivation back to focus again on learning. Maybe sometimes you need to do something completely different to get your motivation back on track.

Thesis, some Progress and a first good Feedback

Currently I’m writing my bachelor thesis. I have made some progress and I think it could be worse. A first draft was sent to my lecturer and the feedback was not that bad. I expected actually that he will stomp me to the ground. Yes, there are a lot of things to do and to improve, but it was a first draft and was never meant to be something like a final version.

So instead his feedback was very positive and he gave me some hints about the layout and some formal issues. And there are of course some wording issues to be solved, but it’s not a complete disaster and definitely doable. The structure of my thesis is fine as well and that makes me really happy. In the last days I was very uncertain about my structure and my approach on the topic.

The hardest part at the moment is to keep writing. When I read some pages in a book or paper I’m often very tired and like to stop working. But reading is not helping me when I have to write 40 to 60 pages of relevant content. So I keep forcing me to write at least a little bit every day, to get some progress. Furthermore “you can not edit a blank page”; if I just read and think about the topic I will get some serious problems at the end because of the lack of time and will never get this work done.

This blog post is also distracting me, but hopefully in I positive way. I’m now motivated again to continue writing the next chapter. Have a nice night all, my will be behind the screen and books, getting some more chapters done!