Finding scientific papers

Some things seemed easier then they are actually. For example the search for scientific papers. For my thesis I’m currently searching the web for papers and books regarding my topic, which is the Tor network by the way. There is for example Google Scholar, which is a search engine for scientific papers. It works so far, but not all papers can be read for free. And there starts the next problems.

Sometimes the links lead to the Springer Verlag, there are the papers and articles online … but mostly you have to pay for them 30 € per chapter. I have a link provided by my university, but even with this link only a part of the articles/books are free of charge. And of course those articles that I need aren’t free. Or you can go to ACM Digital Library. But the articles there require a fee, too.

Okay, then let’s go to one of these classical libraries. There is a large library of the LMU university in Munich and they have also a computer science department. Sounds like the solution? Yes, I thought that too, but unfortunately not all papers are available in the library. In fact, it seems that LMU students have access to the Springer website and they can read all publication completely online. But that’s only for LMU students. I’m a guest and will not have access to this service.

For now I try to find everything I need online. Some papers are published completely online by american universities and that helps me a lot. Hopefully I find everything this way.