Exam Report for Distributed Information Processing

On that saturday, that I mentioned in my previous post, I had a second exam which was Distributed Information Processing. I found that exam much more difficult than the Information Management exam.

Here are the topics, as far as I can recall them:
– some check question, you have to check if the statement about processes, threads and networks is correct or not
– explain, why the IP adress is not part of the TCP header
– explain why time synchronization is important for computer networks
– explain how digital signatures work and how the receiver knows that the signature is valid
– explain when to use threads and when to use sub-processes

In my opinion the exam was not that easy and not all topics where part of the study material. At least not in that depth. I hope the exam is passed, no matter which grade. 🙂

Exam Report for Information Management

The first exam on saturday was information management. The exam was external and the examiner was Mr. Rainer Keil. I would like to give a short overview on the topics:

– Explain the levels of the reference model of information management by Krcmar
– Explain the information system concept as part of the St. Galler model
– State the possible technologies used in the access network for telecommunication, explain one in detail
– State three GSM hand-over techniques and describe one in detail
– some calculations for a queue system (model)
– Describe the Next Generation Network

The exam included 9 questions, but I’m not able to recall all in detail.

I was surprised that this exam doesn’t felt that difficult and I think it should be passed.