How to start a bachelor thesis?

There is a good and a bad news. The good news: My application for the bachelor thesis got approved just 2 days before christmas by my university. Which is great. Also my topic for the thesis is accepted, so I don’t have to write a new exposé and agree with my lecturer about a new topic. The bad news: My planned start date is accepted, too. So on January 2nd my working phase starts officially. And I have no idea how to start!

So here we go, Tor network is the topic. In detail: the concept of onion routing, the functionality of Tor, attacks against it and countermeasures.  During the time I created the exposé, I have already checked for scientific papers and so on. But at the moment I see a giant montain of work before me and don’t know really how to start. On one of the thousend websites like “99 advices for your study” I have found the hint, that I should summerize every paper, book, article I’ve read and found useful in a notebook together with all information required for the citation, so I can find the source faster when I write the thesis. I will do this. Hopefully it will also help me with one of my great fears. I fear that I have so many sources and literature that I will lose the overview. I also considered to use software to organize my citations like Citavi, but I think it will take to much time to get used to these tools.

Do you have any idea on how to start the work?