Next Career Step!

I’m so happy that I could cry! After years of work, I will finally change my job. The last years I worked as IT consultant for my company. At the beginning of next year I will relocate to our infrastructure department and I will be responsible for our web security components. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to start working on my new tasks.

This will also affect my blog. Besides my Master’s course I will focus more on topics regarding web app development, the web in general and of course still some security topics. So stay tuned for what is coming next. 🙂

Podcast Recommendation: Developer Tea by Jonathan Cutrell

On my way to work I’m mostly listening to some podcasts. Two weeks ago I’ve found a (for me) new podcast that I would like to share here. It’s the Developer Tea podcast by Jonathan Cutrell. The episodes are relatively short and discuss only one special topic, which is often introduced by a listener’s question. The questions aren’t always directly related software development, but sometimes a kind of a meta-topic like some general career or work method topics. For example, he discusses things like: Should I go back to school and get a degree? How to deal with a demotivated co-worker? What should I do if I’m unsatisfied with my current tasks at work?

I like this podcast very much and have already listened to more than 20 episodes. Jonathan gives a lot of his personal opinion but also advice how he would approach a problem or act in a given situation. I do not always agree with him to 100%. However, I think his tips are very helpful and give some interesting insights and some new points of view. The only critics I have at the moment is the sponsorship. Every episode is sponsored by some company and he has a short sponsor break to promote the company or product. It is understandable that you want to make some money at least to cover your costs for hosting, etc. However, if you are listening to multiple episodes in a row it is a little bit annoying to hear the same kind of commercial over and over again. However, that’s maybe just me and I’m still listening to the podcast because of the great content.

Recently he started a new series on his podcast with the title Dev Career Roadmap. In this series of episodes he gives more detailed information and tips on how to start or get better in your developer career. I’m looking forward to the next episodes of this series and the podcast and I can recommend that you start to listen to some episodes. I think this podcast is definitely worth listening to!

Podcast: Building a Life and Career in Security

Today I would like to recommend a podcast that I’m regularly listen to.

I’m trying to move into an information security career. So I’m very interested in the stories of people, who are successfully working in this particular field of information technology.

On my daily way to work I often listen to various podcasts. Most of them are IT or specially InfoSec related. One of my favourite podcasts that meet all points is the “Building a Life and Career in Security” podcast by Jay Schulman. It is about IT/InfoSec (check), it is about people’s stories (check), and the host Jay Schulman talks about the way of his guests into the infosec field and their personal and professional background (check, check, check!).

If you are interested in getting into the IT security field I can strongly recommend this podcast! You will hear lots of different stories and get to know a lot of different jobs in this industry. And there are around 2 to 3 new episodes each month, which is a perfect publication period.

Do you know other podcasts or blogs, that are covering this topic (infosec + career stories)?