Life Sign

Hey there. Yeah, I’m still here. Very busy in the past weeks. Got some personal stuff to do. Currently, I’m preparing the SEIV exam. That’s short for software engineering for distributed and mobile applications.
The exam is in two and a half weeks and unfortunately I’ve spent the most time in the past weeks with some entrepreneurship related stuff (blogs, books, podcasts) and some work-related topics (Docker, Identity Management, Access Management, Azure AD, …). Crazy stuff, maybe I will write about this in the next time. However, I will now continue to learn for the exam, so this post works just as a small life sign. Stay tuned, there should be more content here soon! 🙂

(I know, I always tell this but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Back Online

You might have experienced some connection issues and some error 500 issues since the last three days while reaching my blog. I think something has been changed either at WordPress or my provider changed something. As I found out today, we have a Plesk Admin Interface finally. The solution for this issue was to set a newer PHP version for this website. Until now, there was only PHP 5.x available. Today I switched to PHP 7.2 and now the page is working fine again.
Sorry again for any inconvenience caused. 🙂