Podcast Recommendation: Cyber Security Interviews

I’ve recently set up my podcast app again (deleted all episodes and unsubscribed all podcasts), because there have been too many old episodes I will never listen to and some podcasts which I subscribed are no longer interesting for me or they are no longer actively maintained. However, there was one podcast that I really miss and which didn’t get any new episodes. I recommended Jay Schulman’s “Building a Life and Career in Security” here. Unfortunately the last episode was published more than a year ago … , but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

During the setup of my podcast app and searching for the podcasts I like to listen now I’ve found a new podcast with people from the infosec industry. It’s the Cyber Security Interviews podcast, which I highly recommend if you are interested in people in the infosec and their opinions and their path into the field. The host is Douglas Brush and he is alo on Twitter as @DouglasBrush as well as the podcast itself as @CSI_Podcast. The show picks every week someone who is working in cyber security and Douglas asks about their work, opinions on some infosec topics, how they got into the field, which advice they can give to someone starting into cyber security and so on. It is very interesting and the interviews provide insights which are relevant even outside of cyber security. At the moment, this is my favourite podcast!

What’s up next?

After some struggle in the past months I try to get my study progress back on track. Currently I’m working towards the two modules “Introduction to Mobile Application Development” and “Electronic and Mobile Services”. Both require an exam. Surprisingly the first module on mobile app development contains some practical parts. So it might not be a pure theoretical and conceptual-driven session. For Electronic and Mobile Services I’ve not spent much time at the moment. The first study letter contains a lot of information about the technical concept of computers and their networks. Because of my Computer Science degree this should be a completely revision for me.