Thesis written, printed and sent

In the last weeks it was a little bit quiet here … again … sorry for that! [I’m always excusing myself, that I don’t get that many posts written as I want to. Maybe I should stop that … 😉 ]

But I can proudly announce that I have finalized my thesis, got it printed and bound and sent it to the university on Saturday.

The print is very nice. It has a dull, black leather hardcover with golden letter imprint. So the cover shows that it is a bachelor thesis, the title and my name. Each corner of the book has a golden metal piece on it, to prevent damages to the corners. For the paper I have chosen 100 g/m. That improves the print and it feels more like high-quality. To order the printing I used the company sedruck, which was able to print the books in great quality and sent it to me in less than 48 hours. That’s simply amazing!

The next step is to prepare the presentation for the colloquium. In two weeks I will discuss with my tutor what is expected and what I should take care about. The date for the colloquium will be in May, so there is enough time for my preparation. And then, hopefully, you can call me Bachelor of Science and I have my first computer science degree!

Three Weeks to go for the Bachelor Thesis

In January I’ve started my bachelor thesis. The first two months are gone now and there are only three weeks left to complete the thesis. Actually there are still four weeks to go until the deadline. But I have to get my thesis printed and to bind it. It also has to be send to the university before the deadline ends.

To complete the thesis I have to write only the last few chapters, the introduction and the summary. So this should be definitely doable in three weeks.

I’m so happy that the bachelor study is nearly over. It took me nearly four years to get through it. But currently I’m also doing plans for the future. I think I will explain this in one of the next blog posts.