Fighting with LaTeX to insert a Glossary for Acronyms

Yesterday I had some fight with my LaTeX files. I’m writing my thesis with LaTeX and so I need to add a glossary to list the used acronyms in my thesis. At first some basics before we get to the problem:

The preamble needs to be updated with some lines to add glossaries:

The first line will add the “glossaries” package for acronyms. The nonumberlist option surpresses the page number after each acronym. I’ve put my acronyms in a separate file, so I have to load it with \loadglsentries.

Then my document starts as usual:

After the title page and table of content, I’d like to print the glossary, so I did the following:

The command \glsaddall is used to add all acronyms to the glossary no matter if they are explicitly used in the document or not. I did this, because otherwise I will get with the \gls command the full text of the acronym and the short form behind it in brackets in my text and this doesn’t match with the wording and grammar. So I decided to do it that way. Thats all! Now let’s see how my glossary looks …

After some search in the internet I found out that I should use the following workflow at the command line (I learned a lot from this presentation, but it’s unfortunatly in German, sorry for that):

By the way, “thesis” is my main document that simply includes all other files if required.

The first problem I encountered was that I had no Perl interpreter. Okay, not that difficult. You can get ActivePerl here easily; download, install, restart, done.

LaTeX then told me, it needs to load some more packages. Okay, let’s go. I tried it several times, but unfortunatly a specific package could not be installed everytime.

Regarding this problem I found a post on StackExchange. The first idea in this post is to update the MiKTeX repository because appearently the developer of the glossaries package changed something some months ago. I started my MiKTeX Package Manager then and sychronized my repository, …


and tried to compile my thesis again … same problem as before. I’ve searched the web again but I wasn’t lucky.

The final solution is actually very simple and easy. I didn’t left the package installation to LaTeX and MiKTeX. Instead I installed the packages myself with the MiKTeX Package Manager. I searched for “gloss” to find the glossaries packages and finally searched for the mfirstuc package and installed it manually, too.


This procedure solved my problems finally and now I have a nice glossary with my acronyms! Maybe this blog post helps you, if you are stepping into this problem like me.

Here is my first draft of the glossary. That should be fine for now and I’m very happy that it worked finally.