How to start a bachelor thesis?

There is a good and a bad news. The good news: My application for the bachelor thesis got approved just 2 days before christmas by my university. Which is great. Also my topic for the thesis is accepted, so I don’t have to write a new exposé and agree with my lecturer about a new topic. The bad news: My planned start date is accepted, too. So on January 2nd my working phase starts officially. And I have no idea how to start!

So here we go, Tor network is the topic. In detail: the concept of onion routing, the functionality of Tor, attacks against it and countermeasures.  During the time I created the exposé, I have already checked for scientific papers and so on. But at the moment I see a giant montain of work before me and don’t know really how to start. On one of the thousend websites like “99 advices for your study” I have found the hint, that I should summerize every paper, book, article I’ve read and found useful in a notebook together with all information required for the citation, so I can find the source faster when I write the thesis. I will do this. Hopefully it will also help me with one of my great fears. I fear that I have so many sources and literature that I will lose the overview. I also considered to use software to organize my citations like Citavi, but I think it will take to much time to get used to these tools.

Do you have any idea on how to start the work?

the german law is not applicable in space – great talk at 32c3

There is one talk at 32c3 I want to share here. For the moment it is in German, but I thinks there will be an english version in the next days, too. The NSA investigation commitee (NSAUA) tries to investigate the connections between the Five Eyes states and the german secret services and to investigate any complications of the BND and NSA mass surveillance in Germany. So during the NSAUA, there have been a lot of crazy and funny conversations between the interviewers and the wittnesses. The talk is a reading of these discussions and I recommend to watch/listen to it. It is entertaining and shocking at once …

First 32c3 talks are online on youtube

For all of you like me, who can not attend this years Chaos Communication Congress (32c3), I want to share the Youtube channel, where you can see already the first talks and presentations. It’s the CCCen channel provided by the Chaos Computer Club.

So, have fun watching the interesting videos! It is definitely the best time of the year to learn something new. 🙂

WordPress 4.4 is out

The new WordPress 4.4 is out and I’ve updated my page. As you see, after some time on the old Twenty Fourteen theme I have switched today to the new default theme Twenty Sixteen.

Default? Yes! I think it is really nice, not overloaded, all infos I want to show are displayed and it has a nice new way to list blog posts. You can see now on the left side the topic and tags. Maybe I will try different colours, but for now it should be fine.

Hope you like it as I do!