Invited to Let’s Encrypt!

Since the beginning of this blog I want to use https to encrypt the communication of my website. But it’s actually not that easy. I can not go to my hoster and say: “Hey, give me some https”. You need a certificate by a certificate authority and this is usually chargeable.
This is my first blog and webpage and I have never done https before, so I would like to try it for free at first.

Now there is a new project ready for production. Let’s Encrypt is a project started by Mozilla. The goal is to provide a free certificate authority for all websites. So that every website owner can create his/her own SSL-certificate to encrypt the communication. Since some weeks the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority is trusted by all major browsers.

The project is in limited beta now. But you can apply for a certificate and that’s what I did. So I have received a mail confirmation last week that my website is whitelisted now. And now I can create my own certificate. So the next step is to find out how to do this.
In one of my next blog posts I will report how it works and if I managed to get my website to https. 🙂

Today is the day

Saturday, 28th November 2015 is the day for which I have worked so much the last 6 months.
Today I can officially say that I have completed all exams in my study. Artificial Intelligence was the last exam today and it should be passed. So all … really: all! … exams are done by today.

What’s left? I have applied for the thesis today, too. The examination office will check my request in the next days and then I will start to write my thesis in January 2016.

So everything worked out as planned and I’m really happy! It might take some time to realize that it is nearly done. Writing a thesis will be a quite different experience than learning for an exam and the next, and the next … and so on.

But I’m happy now, that I can see my goal and a very long and hard way lies behind me! 🙂

Podcast Recommendation #1

Today I want to write about one of my favourite podcasts. It’s kind of an older podcast but I think it’s still interesting to listen to the interviews and stories. I talk about the This Developer’s Life podcast.

Every episode of the podcast has a special topic and connects it with the life of a developer. So you can here stories about getting fired or fame or education and learning. The most interesting episode is the one about management. Because this explained exactly what I feel at the moment. One guest is reporting about how it feels to be stuck in a management position and how frustrating it is. This helped me alot to get some more insights about my own life and career.

For me every episode so far is worth listening to and I think even if some episodes are a little bit old, they are still relevant.

Listening to podcasts became a new hobby for me. So in the next weeks I will write here more about my favourite podcasts. Some might be in English like This Developer’s Life, but others are in German. I will point that out when I recommend the next podcasts.

But for now, have fun listening to This Developer’s Life, if you don’t know it.

the study is killing me

It is a hard time at the moment. The study is consuming a large part of my free time. At the moment I prepare for the project presentation on saturday. The PowerPoint slides are all done and the agenda is discussed with all project members. So this should be fine.

On saturday is also the oral exam for communication and leadership. The topics are mainly communication between people and moderation. So nothing very difficult, but it is still necessary to learn for this exam. Even if it is not really exciting.

In the meanwhile, I managed to finally discuss the exposé for my bachelor thesis with my supervisor. So I can mark this as done on my check list. This took also some time and was not that easy, because I didn’t need to create any exposés during my study until now. In three to four weeks I will apply with the exposé for the thesis and this should be just a technicality. After some checking by the registrar’s office, I should be accepted and allowed to start my thesis in January 2016.

And finally, because all this is not enough, I prepare for my very last exam, which is up in four weeks. There are four module books to read. The topic is artificial intelligence and the PROLOG programming language. At the moment I’m still stuck at the logical basics. But I hope I can make some progress this week and start with the second module book by Wednesday.

So a lot to do, but there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, because after the presentation, the oral exam and the AI exam there is only the thesis left. And this should keep me motivated for the next weeks!
Today, there isn’t much more to say besides this little status report. But I hope I’m able to write more about some infosec stuff in the near future!