Canceled exam and changed plan

I failed. I thought I could do two exams this weekend, one in E-Commerce (EMSE) and one in Software Engineering for Distributed Systems (SEIV). I was wrong. SEIV needs much more preparation then I thought it would.
For this weekend I canceled the SEIV exam and I will only attend the EMSE exam. It hurts me very much that I underestimated the effort necessary for both exams. However, I commit that I can’t make it and so I have to change my plans a little bit.

After doing the exam, I will complete the practical part for Architecture of Web Applications immediately and then I will write the term paper for Intercultural Competence. Next try for exams will be March 2018.

Exam Preparation Continues

Today it is 14 days before the next exam date. So I’m in the middle of the final preparation. There are still some pages to be read for both exams, but fortunately I’ve got some free days in the next two weeks. For example on Monday I took a day off, so I can focus on the books. In case you missed it the exams will be about E-Commerce/E-Procurement and Software Engineering for Distributed Systems.

Actually I feel more comfortable with the SE exam, even if it is a lot more technical and I only got two books instead of study letters. The E-Commerce exam on the other hand is far more business oriented and goes deeper into topics like business process related to E-Commerce, user behaviour in the WWW, Do’s and Don’ts of online shops etc. I will keep the status current here in the next two weeks and I’m curious how the last sprint works out.

Three weeks until next two exams

I’ve three weeks to learn for the next two exam on the first weekend of December. I think I’m a little bit behind my plan, but I have to keep the pace to get this study done somehow. And actually I should keep focusing on this stuff and not on other things. One of my non-IT hobbies is war gaming and I’ve spent some time in the last days to build and paint some miniatures for these war games. However, it gave me some motivation back to focus again on learning. Maybe sometimes you need to do something completely different to get your motivation back on track.


It seems that I can’t get more than one blog post out per month. Okay, let’s see if we can change this in the next days.

As always, I’ve been busy with some stuff at work and some personal things. In the meantime I worked on my practical task for the module Architecture of Web Applications, and started learning for the next two exams which are due in three weeks.

It’s the end of year for everybody and so everyone wants to get as much done as possible in 2017, or at least the last 6 weeks until Christmas. No matter if it’s at work, at the university or at home. However, I’ve thought much about my blog and the things I’m doing, so I will try to get more relevant content here out as soon as possible.

I know, I wrote this several times but it’s never too late for a fresh start! 🙂

Exam on Introduction to Mobile App Development

Some days ago I have done the exam in Introduction to Mobile App Development (EPEPS). Unfortunately most of the questions were theoretical and actually there was not a single question related to some practical development topics. Instead there have been 23 of 100 points about frequencies and so on, without a proper connection to other questions or some more practical use cases. I have to admit that I didn’t saw that coming. So I missed at least 23 points. Hopefully I was able to answer all other questions. I really don’t want to try this one again!

Last week I’ve received the grade for this exam. The correction took three weeks, which is pretty fast for the WBH. As expected, it’s only a 3.3. However, I’m happy that I have passed the exam and don’t need to do it again! For the rest of this year, I want to do 3 more tests. “Get you head down and work!” 😀

What’s up next?

After some struggle in the past months I try to get my study progress back on track. Currently I’m working towards the two modules “Introduction to Mobile Application Development” and “Electronic and Mobile Services”. Both require an exam. Surprisingly the first module on mobile app development contains some practical parts. So it might not be a pure theoretical and conceptual-driven session. For Electronic and Mobile Services I’ve not spent much time at the moment. The first study letter contains a lot of information about the technical concept of computers and their networks. Because of my Computer Science degree this should be a completely revision for me.

Slow Progress

I’ve finally finished the media competency task this evening. It is part of the first modules in the Master’s study to get all students on the same level. I didn’t had this module in my Bachelors degree so I had to do it in the Masters now. The whole module is about media itself, signs, graphics, colours, perspective and so on. Some parts are very abstract and philosophical. Definitely not my favourite module and I’m happy to finish it some minutes ago. However, let’s hope for a good grade anyway. 🙂

Software Architecture Exam Summary

The SWA exam is done. Here are the topics and tasks of the exam:

  1. Textual specification is given. Class diagram and sequence diagram for a specific process have to be created. Design decision needed to be described shortly.
  2. Component and package diagram have to be created. And the interface between two components had to be written basically in pseudo code.
  3. Multiple tasks regarding ‘What is SOA and how does it work?’.
  4. Multiple questions about Object Orientation basics, like ‘What is a Aggregation?’, ‘What is a Composition?’, etc. and ‘Which UML diagram is best for a given scenario?’.
  5. Multiple questions about Software Architecture.

It was a good mix of practical and theoretical questions. However, I had to write a lot and now my right hand hurts. 🙂 I’m happy that I had to write only one exam today.