Issues during Execution of Windows Update

Since my last visit at my parent’s home, I have a little support case lying around here. The notebook of my mother (Sony Vaio, Win 10) was very slow and came up with strange behaviour. The result of my analysis was, that the cumulative Windows Update 2017-09 was causing the problems. And what does this beautiful piece of software called Windows Update do? It downloads the update again, and again, and again and tries to install it again, and again and …

So, obviously this slows down the machine. Ok, so I downloaded the specific Windows Update again manually and tried to install it. And again: Error message. 0x80073712. The error means that there is something wrong with the Windows Update files or the update package itself.

The first advice found after a short search was to disable all software, that might interfere the Windows update. So I deactivated anti-virus scanner, Vaio update and other suspect software and restarted the installation. Same problem.

I remembered that in former Windows version you were able to change to a Safe Mode to do some administrative tasks and repair the system. You can still do this in Win10: Just hold the Shift key and click the restart button in the start menu. Windows than asks you which kind of repair procedure you want to use.
Okay, so Windows booted in Safe Mode and I thought I could run the update now manually to fix the issues. Instead of starting the update procedure windows prompted me, that it is not possible to run update in Safe Mode. What the fuck? I wanted to repair that fucking machine and install latest updates and it is even in Safe Mode by design not possible?

Ok, next idea: Repair the Windows Update installation. There is a specific command for that:

I’ve started Power Shell with administrative rights and after this, I was finally able to execute the Windows update. After that the latest updates run automatically again, like they should.

So, if you have any issue with this problem, I suggest to run the command at first and try again. Some Microsoft sites tell you that you should run the parameter /ScanHealth at first. But the execution takes some time and it saved me a lot of time to just repair it immediately.

This has become a little ranting, sorry about that. For the future this will serve as a kind f knowledge base article for me, because tech support in family comes regularly especially around Christmas. 😉 Recommendation

I just want to drop this link here. is my latest favourite website about software development. It’s kind of a blogging site like Medium, but it’s also used for discussions, sharing ideas, etc. Since some weeks I’m reading the articles and following the related twitter account @ThePracticalDev regularly. I really like the side and the mood of the community. The articles are widespread in topic and depth. There are some small, easy reads and also some more in-depth analysis and discussions. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I highly recommend taking a look at It is also a very good source for software development related podcasts, if you’re looking for some new casts to subscribe.

Open Slack Communities

To gather some information and stay up-to-date, I’ve recently decided to join some Slack communities. Slack is a chat platform to connect and talk to people and there seems to be a rising number of communities out there. Especially technology and software development related communities are interesting for me. On I’ve found an article which provides an incomplete list of some communities on Slack. At first joined the Slack community, because I like the Developer Tea podcast so much.

At second, I joined the #developers community, which is mentioned in the article above. Actually they have multiple communities on Slack, so you can join the team that feel connected to. There is for example a PHP, a Python or a NodeJS community available in addition to the general Developers community.

I’m in these communities for around a week. Mostly lurking and watching how the community communicates. Some people are sharing links, articles, tweets, but actually nothing very interesting. I also haven’t seen any “intense” chat between some people so far. Only in the community are some design related people regularly chatting. In the next days and weeks I will keep watching the Slack communities and I will report here, if my first impression changes.

What I’m still looking for is an infosec related Slack community. No matter if it is a cryptography, a penetration testing or a general infosec group. So, if you know any infosec communities on Slack, which are open for new people, please drop me a note in the comments or contact me directly. Thank you very much! 🙂

Podcast Recommendation: Developer Tea by Jonathan Cutrell

On my way to work I’m mostly listening to some podcasts. Two weeks ago I’ve found a (for me) new podcast that I would like to share here. It’s the Developer Tea podcast by Jonathan Cutrell. The episodes are relatively short and discuss only one special topic, which is often introduced by a listener’s question. The questions aren’t always directly related software development, but sometimes a kind of a meta-topic like some general career or work method topics. For example, he discusses things like: Should I go back to school and get a degree? How to deal with a demotivated co-worker? What should I do if I’m unsatisfied with my current tasks at work?

I like this podcast very much and have already listened to more than 20 episodes. Jonathan gives a lot of his personal opinion but also advice how he would approach a problem or act in a given situation. I do not always agree with him to 100%. However, I think his tips are very helpful and give some interesting insights and some new points of view. The only critics I have at the moment is the sponsorship. Every episode is sponsored by some company and he has a short sponsor break to promote the company or product. It is understandable that you want to make some money at least to cover your costs for hosting, etc. However, if you are listening to multiple episodes in a row it is a little bit annoying to hear the same kind of commercial over and over again. However, that’s maybe just me and I’m still listening to the podcast because of the great content.

Recently he started a new series on his podcast with the title Dev Career Roadmap. In this series of episodes he gives more detailed information and tips on how to start or get better in your developer career. I’m looking forward to the next episodes of this series and the podcast and I can recommend that you start to listen to some episodes. I think this podcast is definitely worth listening to!

Podcast Recommendation #1

Today I want to write about one of my favourite podcasts. It’s kind of an older podcast but I think it’s still interesting to listen to the interviews and stories. I talk about the This Developer’s Life podcast.

Every episode of the podcast has a special topic and connects it with the life of a developer. So you can here stories about getting fired or fame or education and learning. The most interesting episode is the one about management. Because this explained exactly what I feel at the moment. One guest is reporting about how it feels to be stuck in a management position and how frustrating it is. This helped me alot to get some more insights about my own life and career.

For me every episode so far is worth listening to and I think even if some episodes are a little bit old, they are still relevant.

Listening to podcasts became a new hobby for me. So in the next weeks I will write here more about my favourite podcasts. Some might be in English like This Developer’s Life, but others are in German. I will point that out when I recommend the next podcasts.

But for now, have fun listening to This Developer’s Life, if you don’t know it.

MOOC “In-Memory Data Management” started today

Today the 2015 iteration of Prof. Hasso Plattner’s MOOC In-Memory Data Management has started. You can find the course on the Open HPI webpage.

The course is for free and you can get a certification for the successful participation at the end of the course, if you got at least 50% of the reachable points. I will try to follow the course completely. At the moment I’m watching the first video about the history of enterprise computing.

Maybe the course is interesting for you, too.

Crypto Wars Dossier vom DLF (via

Der Deutschlandfunk hat ein spannendes Dossier veröffentlicht zum Thema Crypto wars. Gefunden habe ich es ĂŒber einen Beitrag bei Ich habe mir den Beitrag vorhin angehört und fand die Zusammenfassung richtig gut, auch wenn es einen am Ende irgendwie traurig und mit einem GefĂŒhl der Machtlosigkeit zurĂŒcklĂ€sst.

Hört es euch an!
Hier der Link zum Blog-Eintrag bei

Keine Rechnung fĂŒr Kindle EBooks

Falls jemand mal auf die Idee kommt, so wie ich, sich ein Fachbuch als Kindle Ebook bei Amazon zu kaufen um es dann aufm Kindle oder sonst wo zu lesen: Lasst es.

Die QualitĂ€t war schon okay, der Preis na ja wir sind halt in Deutschland, aber der Hammer ist, dass Amazon keine Rechnung fĂŒr Kindle EBooks ausstellt. Im Amazon Forum hab ich dann den Hinweis gesehen, dass Amazon dies nur fĂŒr SelbststĂ€ndige und Unternehmen macht. Und das wĂ€re eben so. Danke.

Na gut, also EBook zurĂŒckgegeben und doch als Printvariante bestellt. Liest sich wahrscheinlich eh besser so und ich kann meine Post-it-Zettel reinkleben, wie ich will.

Rien ne va plus – nichts gehts mehr

Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes.

Morgen also erst Rechnerarchitektur und anschließend zur Entspannung Grundlagen Softwareengineering. Ich bin gespannt.
SEI1 wird sicher nicht das Problem. Bei RAI ist alles möglich, hoffentlich ist die Klausur fair. Herr Kliesch stellt diese soweit ich weiß und seine letzte Klausur (ich glaub es war Theoretische Informatik) war definitiv fair.

Nebenbei gibts jetzt auch auf meiner Seite einen Twitter-Feed. Nicht das ich Twitter in letzter Zeit viel verwendet hĂ€tte, aber das kann sich ja Ă€ndern. 🙂