Life Sign

Hey there. Yeah, I’m still here. Very busy in the past weeks. Got some personal stuff to do. Currently, I’m preparing the SEIV exam. That’s short for software engineering for distributed and mobile applications.
The exam is in two and a half weeks and unfortunately I’ve spent the most time in the past weeks with some entrepreneurship related stuff (blogs, books, podcasts) and some work-related topics (Docker, Identity Management, Access Management, Azure AD, …). Crazy stuff, maybe I will write about this in the next time. However, I will now continue to learn for the exam, so this post works just as a small life sign. Stay tuned, there should be more content here soon! 🙂

(I know, I always tell this but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Back Online

You might have experienced some connection issues and some error 500 issues since the last three days while reaching my blog. I think something has been changed either at WordPress or my provider changed something. As I found out today, we have a Plesk Admin Interface finally. The solution for this issue was to set a newer PHP version for this website. Until now, there was only PHP 5.x available. Today I switched to PHP 7.2 and now the page is working fine again.
Sorry again for any inconvenience caused. 🙂

Canceled exam and changed plan

I failed. I thought I could do two exams this weekend, one in E-Commerce (EMSE) and one in Software Engineering for Distributed Systems (SEIV). I was wrong. SEIV needs much more preparation then I thought it would.
For this weekend I canceled the SEIV exam and I will only attend the EMSE exam. It hurts me very much that I underestimated the effort necessary for both exams. However, I commit that I can’t make it and so I have to change my plans a little bit.

After doing the exam, I will complete the practical part for Architecture of Web Applications immediately and then I will write the term paper for Intercultural Competence. Next try for exams will be March 2018.

Exam Preparation Continues

Today it is 14 days before the next exam date. So I’m in the middle of the final preparation. There are still some pages to be read for both exams, but fortunately I’ve got some free days in the next two weeks. For example on Monday I took a day off, so I can focus on the books. In case you missed it the exams will be about E-Commerce/E-Procurement and Software Engineering for Distributed Systems.

Actually I feel more comfortable with the SE exam, even if it is a lot more technical and I only got two books instead of study letters. The E-Commerce exam on the other hand is far more business oriented and goes deeper into topics like business process related to E-Commerce, user behaviour in the WWW, Do’s and Don’ts of online shops etc. I will keep the status current here in the next two weeks and I’m curious how the last sprint works out.


Today I want to talk about something new that will happen here. In the last years the focus in my blog was on my study and some security and general IT topics. After several years of blogging, I will change the scope of my blog a little bit. Due to my changed interests, the progress in my study and my upcoming job change I will focus more on web development and security as well in the future.

My plan is to go deeper in development and system design topics related to web apps and security aspects. Hopefully I can share even some of my projects and provide some code examples if relevant. The architecture aspects of web apps will also be part of my future activities. This looks at first like a lot of topics, but because of the limitation to web apps, it should be narrowed enough.

Hopefully you will like the changes and the new content coming up. If you want to get in touch, just leave a comment or send me an email. I appreciate your oppinion and comments so please tell me what you are thinking about the changes. 🙂

Three weeks until next two exams

I’ve three weeks to learn for the next two exam on the first weekend of December. I think I’m a little bit behind my plan, but I have to keep the pace to get this study done somehow. And actually I should keep focusing on this stuff and not on other things. One of my non-IT hobbies is war gaming and I’ve spent some time in the last days to build and paint some miniatures for these war games. However, it gave me some motivation back to focus again on learning. Maybe sometimes you need to do something completely different to get your motivation back on track.

Issues during Execution of Windows Update

Since my last visit at my parent’s home, I have a little support case lying around here. The notebook of my mother (Sony Vaio, Win 10) was very slow and came up with strange behaviour. The result of my analysis was, that the cumulative Windows Update 2017-09 was causing the problems. And what does this beautiful piece of software called Windows Update do? It downloads the update again, and again, and again and tries to install it again, and again and …

So, obviously this slows down the machine. Ok, so I downloaded the specific Windows Update again manually and tried to install it. And again: Error message. 0x80073712. The error means that there is something wrong with the Windows Update files or the update package itself.

The first advice found after a short search was to disable all software, that might interfere the Windows update. So I deactivated anti-virus scanner, Vaio update and other suspect software and restarted the installation. Same problem.

I remembered that in former Windows version you were able to change to a Safe Mode to do some administrative tasks and repair the system. You can still do this in Win10: Just hold the Shift key and click the restart button in the start menu. Windows than asks you which kind of repair procedure you want to use.
Okay, so Windows booted in Safe Mode and I thought I could run the update now manually to fix the issues. Instead of starting the update procedure windows prompted me, that it is not possible to run update in Safe Mode. What the fuck? I wanted to repair that fucking machine and install latest updates and it is even in Safe Mode by design not possible?

Ok, next idea: Repair the Windows Update installation. There is a specific command for that:

I’ve started Power Shell with administrative rights and after this, I was finally able to execute the Windows update. After that the latest updates run automatically again, like they should.

So, if you have any issue with this problem, I suggest to run the command at first and try again. Some Microsoft sites tell you that you should run the parameter /ScanHealth at first. But the execution takes some time and it saved me a lot of time to just repair it immediately.

This has become a little ranting, sorry about that. For the future this will serve as a kind f knowledge base article for me, because tech support in family comes regularly especially around Christmas. 😉


It seems that I can’t get more than one blog post out per month. Okay, let’s see if we can change this in the next days.

As always, I’ve been busy with some stuff at work and some personal things. In the meantime I worked on my practical task for the module Architecture of Web Applications, and started learning for the next two exams which are due in three weeks.

It’s the end of year for everybody and so everyone wants to get as much done as possible in 2017, or at least the last 6 weeks until Christmas. No matter if it’s at work, at the university or at home. However, I’ve thought much about my blog and the things I’m doing, so I will try to get more relevant content here out as soon as possible.

I know, I wrote this several times but it’s never too late for a fresh start! 🙂

Next Career Step!

I’m so happy that I could cry! After years of work, I will finally change my job. The last years I worked as IT consultant for my company. At the beginning of next year I will relocate to our infrastructure department and I will be responsible for our web security components. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to start working on my new tasks.

This will also affect my blog. Besides my Master’s course I will focus more on topics regarding web app development, the web in general and of course still some security topics. So stay tuned for what is coming next. 🙂

Exam on Introduction to Mobile App Development

Some days ago I have done the exam in Introduction to Mobile App Development (EPEPS). Unfortunately most of the questions were theoretical and actually there was not a single question related to some practical development topics. Instead there have been 23 of 100 points about frequencies and so on, without a proper connection to other questions or some more practical use cases. I have to admit that I didn’t saw that coming. So I missed at least 23 points. Hopefully I was able to answer all other questions. I really don’t want to try this one again!

Last week I’ve received the grade for this exam. The correction took three weeks, which is pretty fast for the WBH. As expected, it’s only a 3.3. However, I’m happy that I have passed the exam and don’t need to do it again! For the rest of this year, I want to do 3 more tests. “Get you head down and work!” 😀